Advanced Angular Workshop

Practice your Angular skills on 7 different exercises of increasing complexity.

Topics covered

  • Custom 2-way data bindings
  • Custom pipes and directives
  • Useful RxJs operators (switchMap, withLatestFrom, and more)
  • Content projection (multi-slot)
  • Template syntax tricks 
  • And a lot more!

What's included in this workshop?

  • 7 exercises to work on
  • Commented video solutions
  • Learn more about RxJs, Angular Forms,  component and directive techniques

Improve your Angular skills

Learn about all the topics for the exercises with study materials.
Watch the instructor comment the code for each solution and explain each concept used.

Study the solutions

The source code of all exercise solutions is provided so you can learn more about the techniques involved.
Meet the instructor

Alain Chautard

Alain is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, Angular, and Google Maps. His daily mission is to help development teams adopt Angular and build at scale with the framework. He has taught Angular on all six continents!

A world traveler and photographer, Alain is an international conference speaker and a published author of several video courses.
Patrick Jones - Course author